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Op-Eds from Mike

Lawler: False attacks on Social Security and Medicare create problems in our politics

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Let me be unequivocally clear — I do not support cuts or negative changes to Social Security or Medicare. The U.S. government made a promise to Americans and we must keep it. I saw first hand, after contributing the maximum to social security for years, how my father benefited from Social Security Disability while he battled Multiple Sclerosis and Melanoma, before ultimately…

Lawler: NY can't abide an affordability crisis. We must restore and expand SALT

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Families and seniors in New York’s Hudson Valley are facing an affordability crisis brought on by sky-high state taxes courtesy of Albany politicians, record inflation due to reckless federal spending and sagging retirement and savings accounts due to a struggling market. Making all of this even worse is the $10,000 cap on your ability to deduct state and local taxes on your federal…