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Committees and Caucuses

Committee Assignments for the 118th Congress:

House Committee on Financial Services 

House Committee on Foreign Affairs


Anti-Congestion Tax Caucus, Co-Chair

Appalachian National Scenic Trail Caucus, Co-Chair

Moldova Caucus, Co-Chair

Abraham Accords Caucus

America 250 Caucus

Apprenticeship Caucus

Armenian Caucus

Bipartisan Task Force for Combating Anti-Semitism

Border Security Caucus

Cancer Caucus

Caucus on the Deadliest Cancers

Caribbean Caucus

Climate Solutions Caucus

Coalition for Autism Research and Education (CARE)

Community College Caucus

Conservative Climate Caucus

Education Opportunity and Innovation Caucus

Fire Services Caucus

Friends of Ireland Caucus

Haiti Caucus

The Congressional Caucus on Hellenic Issues

House Republican Israel Caucus

India Caucus

Korea Caucus

Law Enforcement Caucus

Main Street Caucus

PFAS Task Force


Rural Broadband Caucus

SALT Caucus

Sportsmen’s Caucus

Suburban Caucus

Taiwan Caucus

Wine Caucus