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Congressman Mike Lawler (NY-17)  was joined by 8 of his Republican colleagues from New York in sending a letter to Governor Hochul and New York State Education Department Commissioner Betty Rosa demanding an investigation into how an anti-Semitic question appeared on a statewide Regents Exam.

“I was appalled to see this blatantly anti-Semitic question on the New York State Regents Exam,” said Rep. Lawler. “It displays a serious lack of oversight at the New York State Education Department and calls into question the review and approval process for the exam. How someone could have signed off on this, a question that seemingly calls into question the very right for Israel to exist, is beyond absurd.”

“Which is why we are calling on Governor Hochul and Commissioner Rosa to open an immediate investigation into this matter, so that we can hold those responsible accountable for this heinous action,” concluded Rep. Lawler. “It is imperative that we take on anti-Semitism wherever it attempts to take root and a thorough investigation into this matter should help prevent a question of this nature from ever appearing on a state Regents Exam again.”

“The inclusion of the anti-Semitic question in the New York State Regents Exam in Global History and Geography is unsettling and demonstrates a startling lack of oversight by the New York State Education Department in reviewing their testing materials.  Sadly, proponents of antisemitism continue to use all tools at their disposal to advance their hate filled ideology as is evidenced by the anti-Israel verbiage included in this winter’s statewide global history and geography test.  Governor Hochul and state education department officials must investigate this matter, ensure the proponent of the anti-Semitic question is held accountable, and work to prevent such hateful language from ever appearing in Empire State testing materials again,” said Congressman Anthony D’Esposito.

“Israel has the right to exist and any effort undertaken by the New York State Education Department to undermine this fact is shameful. In light of recent crimes against the Jewish community and a pair of deadly shootings in Israel over the weekend, we need to be doing more to combat antisemitism and reinforce the relationship between the United States and Israel,” said Congressman Marc Molinaro.

“Anti-semitism in any form is vile, unacceptable, and I condemn it in the strongest way possible. New York students should be learning and tested on real history, not ideological revisions. I urge Governor Hochul and Commissioner Rosa to act in the best interest of our students,” said Congressman Nick LaLota.

“It defies comprehension how such a blatant anti-Semitic question passed through the layers of approval process in our state’s education system, but unfortunately, it’s a reflection of the far-left anti-Israel ideology that is permeating our government. I stand with my colleagues in condemning these teachings and calling on them to be immediately removed from our Regents exam with a public apology to New York’s Jewish community,” said Congressman Nick Langworthy.