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Congressman Mike Lawler released the following statement after news broke that the Biden administration had approved the MTA and Governor Hochul's disastrous congestion pricing plan.

“It comes as a shock, but not a surprise, that the Biden administration decided to let the MTA move forward with one of the largest cash grabs from suburban commuters in history,” said Congressman Lawler. “The MTA, rather than getting their own books in order, including examining how on earth they spent more on consultants than the actual boring of the Second Avenue Subway, has opted to squeeze suburban commuters even more.”

“If Governor Hochul and the MTA think this is the way to raise revenue, they’ll probably act shocked when more and more taxpayers continue to flee New York,” continued Congressman Lawler. “For those common sense folks that remain in the state, this could be the final nail in the coffin on their decision to move away.”

“Instead of providing exemptions or working to improve service, including a one-seat ride for Rockland, Governor Hochul and the MTA have doubled down, leaving first responders, nurses, and small business owners with no choice but to bite the bullet and fork over an additional $5,000 a year to commute into New York City,” concluded Congressman Lawler. “Once again, Governor Hochul has chosen to grow government bureaucracy, fleece hardworking taxpayers, and do nothing to improve transit options for my suburban constituents.”

New York's 17th Congressional District is just north of New York City and contains all or parts of Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, and Westchester Counties.