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Congressman Lawler Responds to Hamas' Rejection of Yet Another Ceasefire Deal

Congressman Mike Lawler (NY-17) issued the following response to reports that Hamas has rejected a ceasefire deal presented by the Biden Administration. 

"It should come as no shock that Hamas, which violated eight ceasefires in fifteen years leading up to the deadly October 7th terrorist attack, has rejected yet another ceasefire offer," said Congressman Lawler. "Hamas is a terrorist organization that murders innocent men, women, children, and babies indiscriminately. On October 7th, they orchestrated the worst mass murder of Jews in a single day since the Holocaust. Their actions before, during, and since that vile attack show that they are not interested in peace."

"Israel and the United States have made several attempts at peace since the beginning of the unprovoked war started by Hamas," Congressman Lawler continued."Hamas' refusal to accept those deals and release the remaining hostages in their captivity, which includes eight American citizens, should tell you all you need to know. There's only one path to peace in Gaza – Hamas must surrender and release all the remaining hostages. I'm going to continue working with my colleagues in Congress to ensure our continued support for our closest ally Israel as it fights to protect its people and rescue innocent hostages."

Congressman Lawler is one of the most bipartisan members of the 118th Congress and represents New York's 17th Congressional District, which is just north of New York City and contains all or parts of Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, and Westchester Counties.